Game Day check list

O Print at least one Game Report Card, even if you are not the home team, just in case. In order to print the one for your game go to your teams webpage, click on '[edit]' and you will find at the bottom a link that prints the game card for each of your upcoming games. Those are the ONLY acceptable gamecards.
O If you have 5 players or less for the game you can add two guest players, if you have 6 players you can add one guest player. Guest players need a valid Futsal player pass and be of the correc age.
O If you are the home team for the first or last game on a gym you are responsible to setup the goals or to take them down and move them to the correct place. This might take 15 minutes or more, depending on the facility, so make sure your parents are informed and at the right time at the gym. You can find info about the different gyms on our Facilities pages.
O Equipment: 2 futsal balls of the correct size (size #3 for U12 and younger, size #4 for the older age groups), outdoor soccer balls CANNOT be used to play or warm-up inside gyms!
O Make sure that players bring only water to gyms, except at Vest Valley College where NO drinks of any type are allowed, not even water. Parents need to follow the same rule.Don't use hallways to warm up please, and in general by nice to our facilities. We want to use them again next year!
OBoth teams must have a score keeper (parent, sibling). Have the score keeper contact the referee before the game to get instructions. The score keepers work together to fill out the game card during the game. After the game the referee should sign the card and the home team will keep the game card in case there is a dispute later.
OEach team must check the player passes of the other team before the game to make sure all players have a valid USFF player pass. If there are any questions ask the referee for help. Any team caught playing with a player that is not properly registered will be expelled from the league without refund! With your signature on the gamecard you confirm that you have checked all player passes.
You have 55min scheduled for your game. It is absolutely important that you start on time! Referees are instructed to cut games short if they start late. There is one timeout per team per half, 5min break, 20min halfs, so your game should take at most 50min.
Visiting team selects which side they want to play first, home team kicks off first half. Home team needs to switch t-shirt color if necessary (best to contact the opponent before the game to talk about colors)
Zero Tolerance: Coaches/Players/Parents/Fans that yell/curse/threaten anyone will be dealt with quickly, with sanctions ranging from stern warnings, one or more game suspensions for individuals, to forfeit games or even forfeit the rest of the season for a team.  We are playing a game, our main goal is to improve the soccer skills of your players. Make sure your parents understand this. Complaints should be sent to Teams Director vacant at [click to show email]
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