Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here a list of frequently asked questions by coaches, referees, parents and players. Please read it before sending an email,

Table of Contents

  1. Playing Leagues
    1. What is the Competitive League?
  2. Competitive Registration
    1. What is this USFF page?
    2. Why do we need proof of age for players
    3. Registering Coaches with USFF
    4. How do I remove a player from a team?
    5. I registered all players but cannot print player passes!
    6. Can I add more players to my team?
    7. How do I move a player to a different team on the USFF page?
  3. Academy / Recreational Registration
    1. Can teams register for the Academy
    2. Can Players register for the Academy?
  4. Team Page Management
    1. How to get a password for the team page
  5. Scheduling of Games / Pairing of Teams
    1. I need a bye for a weekend?
    2. No game is scheduled for my team, do I have a bye?
    3. We are scheduled to play up/down?
    4. Reschedule a game?
    5. Only one of my two teams is scheduled to play on a weekend?
    6. Can I add guest players?
    7. My team has two games on one weekend?
    8. My team plays the same other team again?
    9. How is the schedule created?
  6. Contact Information for Board / Meetings
    1. Contacting the Board
    2. Board Meetings

1. Playing Leagues

1.1. What is the Competitive League?

The competitive league is the one we had from the start where teams compete over 11 weekends from Dezember to February. We only accept team registrations for the competitive league, individual players cannot register by themselves.

2. Competitive Registration

2.1. What is this USFF page?

Unfortunatley you will have to deal with two separate websites for the registration, namely this one hear which we use during the season, and the USFF webpage to register player and coaches. Only if you follow all the steps outlined on our USFF Registration page will your team and your players be allowed to play.

2.2. Why do we need proof of age for players

As we allow teams to play up and down it seems that this is an unnecessary step? However, these passes allow you to participate in Futsal tournaments and must be verified by us, in addition we only allow teams to play up by at most two age groups (and for the U8 only one age group), so we need to make sure that the age is correct (having a 15 year old on a U10 team is not cool).

2.3. Registering Coaches with USFF

Coaches need to register with the USFF website website, but only two can be associated with a team. However, we do not care if you are associated with a team, once registered your head coach or team manager can print a coaches pass for you (the pass will not mention a team, but can be used anyway).

2.4. How do I remove a player from a team?

You cannot remove a player, instead please send an email to the registrar or teams director with the Team ID and player ID of the player that needs to be removed. They will forward the request to the database administrator.