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Gym: John Muir Middle School

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We use the whole gym, from the bleachers on one side (where the doors are), to the wall. The goals are therefore not directly set under the hoops. However, the larger field makes for much better games!

Address:1260 Branham Lane
San Jose, CA 95118
Start address:


 A  John Muir Gym: The gym is behind the main building to the South of the school plaza

Rules and Parking:


Please park in the normal parking spots that the school provides.

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Gym Setup

The gym is opened by the custodian. The goals will need to be moved in/to the cage area just outside the gym. Only water is allowed in the gym. Please be sure to keep the facility clean.

Gym Takedown

Make sure no garbage or other stuff is left behind in the gym (water bottles etc.).

Gym Coordinator

Gym CoordinatorLisa Higdon (click to show email) 408.888.7674

Upcoming games on John Muir Gym

Sat. Feb. 23, 2019 [edit] BUSC 07 (BU12) BUSC 08 DA (BU11) Sentinels 07 Yellow (BU12) North Valley YSL United 08B Green Team (BU11) North Valley YSL United 08B Red Team (BU11) Sporting 07B White (BU12) Sunnyvale Alliance 2007 Girls (GU12) SJFC 06G (GU13) Corinthians FC 2007 (BU12) Quakes 04 RED (GU15) AFTG BocaJrs 05B Blue (BU14) LFC IAA Bay Area 05G Red 2 (GU14) Quakes 06 Blue (GU14) SJFC 05G (GU14)
Sun. Feb. 24, 2019 [edit] SC Sporting 06/07 Girls (GU13) Thorns Academy II (GU13) FWB Rayados (GU13) California Thorns 06 Academy (GU13) FWB Rayados (GU13) LFC IAA Bay Area 05G Red 1 (GU13) Olympic Lyonnais 07G (GU12) Top Notch 05G (GU14) MVLA United 05 ECNL (GU14) MVLA Roma Too (GU13) Fierce White (GU14) 06 Blue WSJ Strikers (BU13) SC Sporting 06/07 Girls (GU13) Bozorg (GU13)
Sat. Mar. 2, 2019 [edit] MVLA Roma Too (GU13) SJFC 05B (BU15) AFTG BocaJrs 05B Blue (BU14) Infinity 2005 (BU14) Corinthians FC 2005 (BU14) Infinity 2005 (BU14) California Thorns 06 Academy (GU13) LEGACY Futsal (GU12) Pride Panteras Black (GU13) Thorns Academy II (GU13) Bozorg (GU13) Thorns Academy II (GU13) Nogometni Klub (BU18) ESJFC Bayern 2004G (GU15)
Sun. Mar. 3, 2019 [edit]XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
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