Are you a member of a Futsal San Jose Team?

If so, this is the place to go!

Are you in High School?

Information for high school soccer players:
Futsal San Jose has confirmed with the commissioner of the Blossom Valley Athletic League (BVAL) that futsal is not recognized as soccer by the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) or the BVAL. Therefore, high school soccer players may participating in futsal during the high school soccer season (in other words, there's no conflict with CIF Rule 600). However, players should check with their coaches to see if they have any restrictions on players participating in outside sports during the season.

Where do you have to go for the games:

All our games will be played on Saturdays and Sundays in one of our gyms.

Game Schedule

The schedule for all the games is available on our Schedule Page page.

Local Rules

Please check our 'Laws of the game' page for local rules.

Required Equipment

In order to play a game you have to have:
  • Tennis or Futsal shoes,
  • Shin guards,
  • Team Uniform,
  • Player pass (coaches will usually take care of the player pass),
  • and lots of energy!
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