NV United Tornadoes (BU12)

Age group:Boys under 12 (born after August 1st 2007)
Coach:Travis (*) 4085047098 (click to show email)
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Team Schedule

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Sat. Dec. 14, 20195:45pmBascom (Away)
against PSV San Jose II
1000 S. Bascom Ave, San Josť, CA 95128
Sun. Dec. 15, 20192:30pmAlmaden Community Center (Home)
against Futsal Without Borders 2010B
6445 Camden Ave., San Josť, CA 95120
Sat. Feb. 22, 20208:00am - 8:00pmBye RequestNot enough players due to Vacation for Holiday
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Sat. Nov. 30, 20195:15pm Legends 08B (BU12) [3600] NV United Tornadoes (BU12) [3500] - /  =3537
Sat. Nov. 30, 20197:05pm NV United Tornadoes (BU12) [3500] LFC IA 08 A3 (BU12) [3500]6 - 4 / +37 
Sun. Dec. 8, 20193:25pm NV United Tornadoes (BU12) [3537] NORTH VALLEY YSL NV / SJ UNITED 08B Red (BU12) [3518] - /  =3537

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