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Working as a referee for Futsal San Jose

We pay $25 per game for all games. All games have 2 referees. If you are interested in refereeing games, please contact our Referee scheduler at paradiseanthony@yahoo.com. 

You will also need to register with USFF and pay the USFF registration fee each season. USFF Registration can be completed at http://www.futsal.org/index.php/registration-center

Local rules for Futsal San Jose

As a referee for Futsal San Jose we require that you referee your games in referee uniform (green referee shirt, black shorts, black socks with three white stripes). Please check out our local rules, we have made some small modifications to simplify and streamline games. They are summarized below:


  • Check in procedure

    • Each player and each coach holds there own pass. Referees verify that the player pass/coaching pass photo matches the person holding the pass

    • If a player or coach does not have a pass they are not allowed to participae. No exceptions. We cannot allow scrimmages if Teams do not have passes

  • Kick off 

    • The home team always kicks off first and the away team picks the side. In the second half the away team kicks off and teams switch sides.

    • Kick off procedure: All players must be on their own half, players must give 3m of space for kick off, the ball must be stationary, the referee must signal for the start of play, the ball can move forward or backward directly off kickoff and does not require two players.

  • Substitutions:

    • Substitutions can be made at any time (Unlimited “flying” substitutions) 

    • Substitution procedure follows the hand slap method. The hand slap method is a nickname for a substitution method where players high five the teammates they are substituting with by either exchanging a hand slap or a penny in front of their team bench.

  • Reports for the league:

    • Referees are required to contact myself, Anthony, regarding any incident or red card. This includes any unsportsman like conduct. I will not tolerate any kind of abuse towards my officials by coaches, players, or parents.

  • Ball sizes for teams in different age groups

    • U12 and under need a size #3 Futsal ball, all older teams play with size #4 balls. If two teams of different age groups play each other the smaller sized balls are used, unless both coaches agree to use the larger balls. The same sized balls must be used for the whole game.

  • Heading rule

    • No heading at u13 and below. If you have u13 and u14 playing against each other, then the no heading rule doesn’t apply. This is different from last season and was done to keep players safe by prevent concusions given the heaviness of Fustal balls.

    • If a player heads a ball when they are not allowed to it is an indirect free kick for the oposing team where the heading occured. This does not count as one of the acumulated fouls.

  • Goal clearance

    • for ages U14 and younger, the goalkeeper is not allowed to throw, punt or drop kick the ball across the halfway line before either touching the playing surface on his playing half or an opposing player in his half of the court. U15 and up may throw the ball across the halfway line.

  • Slide tackling

    • There is no sliding/slide tackling for any player including the keeper, PERIOD

  • Teams need help put together goals Saturday morning and put them away Sunday night. It is not the responsibility of the referees.

Here is a document that can be printed to keep track of fouls, timeouts per half, and a space for notes for red or yellow cards.
Click here

Game Assignments 

Are through ArbiterSports and are assigned by the assignor so please make sure your blocks are up to date. For instructions to create blocks see directions here. If you are a new referee who does not have access to Arbiter, please email myself, Anthony, at paradiseanthony@yahoo.com. All games are paid through PayPal. If you need to make an account please create a personal paypal account. Directions can be found here

REMEMBER - Print out your assignments on game days and bring your cell phone with you. Schedules can sometimes change, and I will send out updates. If there is a problem at the field make sure you have my number plugged in so you can get a hold of me.

New 2019-2020 referee test

This test is for review purposes only. This there is not a set score you must receive but please try your best.

Click here for the test. 

This link has an online copy of the rule book: http://futsal.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/Futsal-Laws-of-the-Game20181010_LR.pdf

This list is a quick summary of the differences of futsal and outdoor soccer


Outdoor Soccer                                                         Futsal (Five-a-Side Soccer)



#5 Ball


U12 and under need a size #3 Futsal ball, all older teams play with size #4 balls. 30% less bounce

11 players


5 players

3 substitutions


Unlimited “flying” substitutions (12 Players on a Team)




Running Clock


Stopped Clock

45 minute halves


20 minute halves

No time-outs


1 time-out per half

Goal kicks


Goal Clearance (throw)

Some contact


No shoulder charges or sliding tackles

No absolute time limit to restart game


4-second rule on restarts

Offside Rule


No Offside Rule

Goalkeeper steps


No restrictions, but limited to 4 seconds

Goalkeeper cannot touch by hand a ball kicked back


Goalkeeper cannot touch by hand a ball played back

Unlimited back passes to Goalkeeper


One back pass to Goalkeeper

No sub for player sent off


Player sent off can be substituted for after 2 minutes or other has scored

Corner kick placed in arch

No heading for U11 and below

Kick off can be passed directly back or directory forward


Corner kick placed on corner

*(New for 2019-2020) No heading for U13 and below unless a U13 team plays up against a U14 team the rule then no longer applies

*Kick off can be passed directly back or directory forward

*indicates the rule is specifically for our league and differs from the online handbook

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