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Gym: Almaden Community Center

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Use only the main entrance to get to the gym (its the same as the entrance to the library, just turn left after entering the building) .

Parents: please make sure that you keep all kids in the gym or just outside of it, they are not supposed to wander around the building.

Do not use any area except the gym for warm up and make sure no kids play ball games outside the gym in the hallways.

We use the red lines as the touch lines, and the black lines as the goal line. The Penalty Area is set by the 3 point arc for basketball and the white line just inside the free throw line; 4-5 yds from goal line.

Address:6445 Camden Ave.
San Josť, CA 95120
Start address:


 A  Almaden Community Center: 
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Gym Setup

For games at Almaden Community Center (ACC) this year, we are allowed to store the goals there on site. They are located under the stairs outside of the emergency exit nearest to the reception desk by the court. In case you can't find them, the ACC person on duty will know where they are. The home team (actually both teams should help) is responsible for unlocking the goals and setting them up for the first game of the day.

Gym Takedown

The last home team needs to sweep the gym (the receptionist will provide the necessary tools). The home team (again, both teams should help) of the last game of the night is responsible for disassembling the goals, rolling the net around the crossbar, storing the goals and the sandbags under the stairs and then looping the bike lock through the D frames and through the sandbag handles. THE COMBO TO THE BIKE LOCK IS 2010.

Gym Coordinator

Gym CoordinatorLisa Higdon (click to show email)

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