Teams Director

As the teams director you do the follwoing through the year:


  • Middle of september: start the PR campagn: email to (ask the web coordinator to update the list with all the coaches form last year), ask District 2 to send an email to all coaches around the end of September
    • be sure to point out that there is an early bird special (usually ends Nov 1)
    • also point out that mostly teams are admitted in a first come bases
    • point out that there are usually 11 game weekends, three in December, and then January and February
  • Monitor team registration
    • for each team you need time for 5 games. Games take 55min, so in a gym reserved for 12h on one day one can play 13 games
    • expect about half the registrations at most by Nov 1
  • Make sure that there is a coaches meeting the week before Thanks-Giving, where you want to
    • inform coaches how to request a bye on the website
    • that they can block up to two teams they don't want to play against
    • two teams they like
    • which teams are related (head coach name must be the same)
    • specifiy if they want to play up by more than one year (we have no restricitons on U14 and older)
    • that you will not accept any special requests by email (there is no way to handle that for 160 teams or so
    • Explain that there is a deadline to request byes for each weekend (basically the day you start scheduling the games), once started no more bye requests will be honored, and no games will be rescheduled.
    • Don't try to change the schedule once it is published unless all coaches agree to the change, most coaches, once you tell them that they have to play or forfeit, will actually find a way to play.... 
  • On the Weekend before the first game you will create your first schedule, ask the web coordinator, he will point you to the right page to do this.
    • you only need to specify who plays against whom, there is a program that will then try to find the best possible schedule (the web coordinator will help with that)
    • Once the first weekend is scheduled, schedule the second one immediately
    • The this weekend get scheduled on the Monday after the first game weekend.
  • For the weekends after the Holiday the following works well:
    • wait until the third weekend is over, then schedule the first three weekends in January.
    • the fourth weekend will be scheduled on the Monday after the first game weekend in January
    • the fifth weekend will be scheduled on the Monday after the second game weekend in January
    • take a break of one week, then schedule the remaining three weekends all at once (you have to do those together otherwise you will not be able to schedule the games such that each team can play 10 games)
Once the last weekend has been scheduled you can relax...





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