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Important Information for the Competitive League

Contacting the Board

If you need to contact a board member please try email first, we all read our emails regularly. Only use the phone in an emergency. Make sure to always include team name, age group and gender to make it easy for us (we simply don't know all the coaches names and teams anymore, there are too many...).

Team Web Page

Every team has a team web-page. You can find yours on the Teams web-page. This is not just a gimmick, but is actually very important. You can edit this page, some instructions can be found under [Edit team page]. You will need to get a password first, which is explained too. Make sure you know how to edit this page so you can
  • Team name: Plase read the Schedule page for some restrictions on team names.
  • Team staff: Add all the coaches, assisant coaches and team managers to the page. This way they get emails about game scheduling changes and other important information.
  • Phone numbers: Make sure that there is at least one phone number listed on the page, this is the number a coach from another team or a board member will call you if needed (if a game schedule gets changed on short notice for example, or if a gym is not available for a day because it got flooded [happened last year]). No phone number, no call!
  • Bye/friendly and unfriendy teams: Please check our Schedule page for more details regarding these fields.
  • Preferred game times: you can specify preferred game times. We will try to schedule your games during those time, although no guarantees.
  • Schedule: the games scheduled for your team will be listed on that page, make sure the parents know about this. Every game will include a link to the gym it will be played at.
  • Scores: those are reported via the team web-page. You MUST enter the scores after every game as quickly as possible, as your record during the season will determine who you get to play! Any game not scored is treated as a tie by the scheduling system.
  • Pictures: you can upload up to two pictures that will then be shown on the front page (the page cycles through all the teams).


You will be required to provide game balls. You need at least one, and should have one in reserve as they sometimes go flat during games. U12 and under need a size #3 Futsal ball, all older teams play with size #4 balls. If two teams of different age groups play each other the smaller sized balls are used, unless both coaches agree to use the larger balls. The same sized balls must be used for the whole game.

Players need shin-guards, indoor shoes, and a uniform (shirt, shorts, socks). T-Shirts with the same color are fine, use a marker to add numbers please. You should have one set of white shirts, and one set of color shorts. Goalkeeper need a different shirt (same rule as outdoor soccer). If you have uniforms for nearly all players but one or two they can wear a similarly colored t-shirt and shorts, or check if you can borrow the uniform from a player that does not play?

Warning: no outdoor balls are allowed in the gyms at all, not for games, not for warm-ups! Outdoor balls are too bouncy, and the risk of breaking something in the gym is too high. Make sure your players are aware of this (if we catch your teams with outdoor balls you will loose brownie points => you will be scheduled for home team at the beginning or end of a session more often!)

Guest Players

We do not restrict the number of guest players per game as long as all players participating in the game have a valid hard copy of a USFF player pass and are the correct age for the team.


This year we play in several different gyms. All of them are listed on our website, with map, address, etc. You can either click on map in our menu or on Facilities to get them all listed. Please make sure that your parents are aware of the descriptions of each facility, as it contains in some cases important information. If you are scheduled for the first or last game check the page for setup/takedown instructions.

Check-In Procedure

In order to check-in your team and get your player passes you need to bring:

  • Player application form for each player, signed by the parents
  • Age verification for all players (CYSA passes, copy birth certificates or  copy of passport)
  • team roster, printed from the USFF webpage

Refereees will check in players and coaches to ensure everyone is registered properly with the league.

Disputed Games

The home team will keep the score card (game card) after the game and will have to make sure that it gets signed by the referee. In the case of a disputed scorewe will ask the home team to send in the game card with the signature. If we get the signed game card the score on the game card stands, otherwise whatever the visiting team claims will stand. So as the home team make sure your score keeper does get the signature from the referee at the end, and make sure that the score is correct. As the visiting team you might want to check the game card before you leave.


Sometimes we have gyms available for practice and make them available to teams by sending out an email. Practice time may come at an additional cost. At the moment you can ask MVP for practice session during the week, you will have to pay them directly.


forfeits are scored as a 1 to 0 win.

Age groups / Scheduling games

We do not play by age group, intead we use a different way of scheduling teams, please see the Team Rating page for details.
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