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Futsal Coaching Tips

1.        Rules, guidelines and differences between youth soccer and futsal

#3, #4 or #5 ball#3 or #4 heavier ball with 30% less bounce
8 to 11 players per side5 players per side including goalkeeper
Unlimited substitution at kickoff, goal kick and possession team’s throw-inUnlimited “on the fly” substitution, players must come off first
Throw-in from touch lineKick-in from touch line, can pass to goalkeeper
25-45 minute half time20 minute half time (no stopped clock)
No time-outs1 time-out per half, must have possession first
Goal kicksGoal clearance by throw-ball, cannot pass mid-line
Some contactNo shoulder charges or slide tackles
Offside rulesNo offside rules
Goalkeeper has 10 seconds to release ballGoalkeeper has 4 seconds to release ball, no goalkicks
Unlimited back passes to goalkeeperOnce ball is released goalkeeper cannot receive ball until it passes mid-line or touched by opponent
No set time limit to restart gameRestart game in 4 seconds
No substitution for player sent offSubstitute sent-off player after 2 minutes or scored on
No accumulation of fouls except for individual player cautioning/bookingAfter 5 fouls accumulated per half no defensive wall is allowed at either PK spot
Scoring directly from kickoff may be allowed depending on age groupNo scoring directly from kickoff

2.        Refer to websites www.futsal.com and www.ontariofutsal.on.ca

3.        Refer to www.youtube futsal video clips

4.        Fast paced game, non-stop action, fitness is essential

5.        High scoring game, don’t give up if a few goals behind

6.        Leverage soccer skills and tactics:

a.       use footwork for ball control and movement

b.       use attacking and defensive principles

c.        find passing lanes

7.        Keep the ball on the ground (it tends to stay on the ground anyway)

8.        Individual skills:

a.       Use 6 surfaces of the foot for ball control: inside, outside, laces, toes, heel, SOLE

b.       Emphasize quickness: start and stop, change directions

c.        Emphasize precision in passing and receiving

d.       Emphasize goalkeeping focus and quickness

9.        Team tactics:

a.       Possession game, passing game

b.       Keep team shape during attack, everybody attacks including goalkeeper

c.        Keep team shape when defending, everybody defends, use 1-on-1 and zone defense

d.       Use set plays in U12 or higher age brackets

e.        Smart substitution: swap defenders when attacking & vice versa, & when ball out of play

f.        Quick substitution, similar to ice hockey shift: 2 minute

g.       Use width of court to attack – ball can be quickly passed to goal area from outside

10.     Upcoming FutsalSJ coaching clinic in early January 2010 for first time futsal coaches

11.     Contact coaches@futsalsj.org if you need more information

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