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Register Team with USFF

USFF registration is mandatory in order to play in our league.

If you run into any problems please email to Registrar Rosemary Alvarez at [click to show email]


Each coach and each player needs to register using the following link:  http://usfutsalregistration.sportsaffinity.com/



Player registration:  

Must be completed by parents as birth certificates and pictures are required when registering. Coaches and managers can no longer complete player registration like past seasons. If a player is not registered then they will be unable to play in their games and there will not be reschedules this season.

For players, when registering, they will need to upload a picture and birth certificate or passport at the time of registration.Note: Birth certificate and passport are the only two acceptable forms of age verification So make sure you have them handy when registering. These are required fields

The cost for players to register is $9.

From the drop down menu our league is listed as






Coach registration:

Coaches cost is $20

Team registration: Rosemary, the registrar, will create your team in the new system once she has received your team payment. She will need a list of players for each of your team. Once the player is registered she will then add your players to your team. Coaches can send their roster to Rosemary now.


Team name:

age group:

players name (first and last name): 




Please do not send over players passes as they are no longer needed to perform age verifications.



If you registered this season in the old system we can move it.

If you registered last year than you need to re register this year in the new system.








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