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Register Team with USFF

Once you have been accepted you need to register your team with USFF. This is a six step process:

  1. Register as a coach (this will cost you $20)
  2. Register the team
  3. Register all players (this will cost you about $10 per player)
  4. Age verification
  5. Add Team ID to webpage
  6. print Player/Coaches passes

This page is here to give you some help with this process (you might want to print this page for reference). If you run into any problems please send an email to Registrar Rosemary Alvarez at [click to show email].

Cliick here to open [the USFF registration page]. It looks like this:


Register Online with the USFF! (Now for 2018/2019)

STEP 1) COACH ON-LINE REGISTRATION (Returning and New Coaches)

You MUST register as a coach and get your coach ID number before being able to register a team on- line!


You MUST register a team and get your team ID and password before being able to add players to the team on- line!

STEP 3) PLAYER ON-LINE REGISTRATION (Add players to a team)


Coach Registration

Click on the 'COACH ON-LINE REGISTRATION' link. On the next page select 'New Coach/Instructor' from the drop down menu in the middle of the page, then click on 'register online'. Most entries are self-explanatory, for the others make sure to enter

Present State Association
California Futsal North
League Association
Futsal San Jose
Club Association
No Club Association
Coach Grade
Coach 10

No need to make a donation.

Once you submit the form you will be asked to pay the $12 registration fee. Paying by credit card works best and is rather fast. Once you paid you will get a confirmation page, make sure to print it as it contains your U.S. Futsal ID which you need to register your team: Note that you do not get a password at this point.

Coach Registration

2. Team Registration

Now go back to the [USFF registration Page] and click on 'TEAM ON-LINE REGISTRATION'.Click on 'REGISTER' (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the button). Fill out the 'Resident Association Information' using the same information as listed above for the coaches registration. For team information use 'League Team' (the only choice),  for Age/Gender select the age group for your team (if you are in an uneven age group select the next highter even age group. This will not change the age group you will play in the league). Enter 'Youth-Competitive' for category, and for Season 'Winter'.

As Head coach enter your U.S. Futsal ID you got in step 1.You do not need to add a primary team contact. 

Once you click on 'Register' (and did not forget anything) you will get a confirmation page. Please print it, you need the data on it to register players. You should also get an email with the sane information. Note that now you got a password, you will need this for your player registration.

3. Player Registration

This step requires that you know the name, address, birthday, etc. of your players. If you do not ask the parents to fill out the [Youth Player Registration Form]. Without this form you will not be allowed to play those players

Now go back to the [USFF registration Page]. Click on 'PLAYER ON-LINE REGISTRATION'.

Enter your system ID (USFF Futsal ID) and enter one of the passwords you got when registering the team. Select 'Add Players and Manage Team information', click on 'Continue'. If you registered more than one team you can now select the team you would like to work with, and click 'Edit Team'. If you only have one team you will automatically be redirected to the team edit page. On the menu on the left click on 'Players', then 'Add New Player'.

Only fill out the required fields, leave the others empty. Click on 'Submit Application' at the end. Make sure that you register each player with only one team. Do not upload pictures, it will not work correctly at the moment.

You will need to bring either signed Youth Player Registration Forms or signed Player Application Forms to the games. These will be checked by the referees before the first games. No parental permission no play. This protects the player, the coach, the league with liability insurance. It has to be signed.

In order to REMOVE A PLAYER please send the Team name, Team ID, Player name and Player ID to Teams Director vacant at [click to show email]. We have to forward those requests to the USFF website administrator.

4. Age verification of players

Once your players are registered with the USFF webpage our registrar needs to verify the age. This requires a CYSA pass, copy of the birth certificate or passport for each player. One easy way to do this is to scan everything and email it to our registrar Registrar Rosemary Alvarez at [click to show email]. Another option is to drop copies off at the registrars house (7234 Via Bella, San Jose, CA 95139). You can also contact Registrar Rosemary Alvarez at [click to show email] to make other arrangements. Only after you finish this step will you be able to print player passes.

5. Add Team  ID on this website

You now need to enter your USFF ID on your teams webpage on this site (under the heading "Team Info"). This is required so that you can print player passes, coaches passes and game cards. You will not be allowed to play if you do not do this.

6. Print Player/Coches passes

Once you finish all these steps the (?) behind your team name and the red warnings on your team page should disappear. If you now edit your teams page you will find at the very bottom buttons to print coaches passes (you need to enter the coaches USFF ID) and player passes. Make sure to put a picture on those passes and have them laminated. If you are missing some players please wait an hour, it takes a while for the passes to appear.

Note that at the moment player passes do unfortunately not include pictures you might have uploaded to the USFF website.





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