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Gym: Washington Youth Center

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The field is outlined by the blue and black lines for the touchlines and the black lines for the goal lines. The Penalty Area is the blue tape that is mostly worn off.

Address:921 S 1st St.
San Josť, CA 95110
Start address:


 A  Washington Youth Center: 
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Gym Takedown

Have parents and coaches pickup all trash and bottles from the stands and around the pitch.

Gym Coordinator

Gym Coordinator (click to show email)

Upcoming games on Washington Youth Center

Sat. Feb. 29, 2020 [edit] LFC IA 07 A2 (BU13) LFC IA 11B A2 (BU9) PAC SL Benfica (BU13) SC Sporting 10G Green (GU10) 2010 Lady Legends Honor (GU10) Almaden FC Quicksilver 2009 Green (GU11) 2011-2012 Lady Legends Respect (GU9) LFC IA 09 Red (BU11) MVLA Juventus Green (GU10) Futsal Friends Select (BU11)
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