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Related teams

If your coaching staff is responsible for two or more teams and they are not listed here please make sure that all those teams have the EXACT same head coach (the name of the head coach must not necessarily be published). For details please read edit your team's web-page to change the name of the coach.

Head CoachTeams
Adriano Toni Goldent Touch PSV 2012 (BU8),
Golden Touch Dynamo 2012 (BU8),
Golden Touch Ajax 2012 (BU8)
Alexander SalgadoPP Elite San Jose Madrid 04 Blue (BU16),
PP Elite San Jose Madrid 03 Black (BU17)
Carlos Menjivar Golden Touch Corinthians 2011 (BU9),
Golden Touch Boca Jrs. Blue (BU13),
Golden Touch Boca Jrs. 2007 (BU13),
Golden Touch 06G Red (GU14),
Golden Touch Pumas 2005 (BU15),
Golden Touch Pumas Navy 2005 (BU15)
Chardai Martinez Champs (GU14),
Rookies (GU14)
Charles Moore SC Sporting 07B White (BU13),
SC Sporting 07b Green (BU13),
PP Str8 Shooters (BU14),
Cardinal Bears 05 (BU16)
Chris Fitzpatrick Sporting White (GU12),
Sporting Green (GU12),
Sporting Pink (GU12)
Dan Neal Almaden FC Mercury 2012 Green 2 (BU8),
Almaden FC Mercury 2012 Green 1 (BU8),
Almaden FC Mercury 2011 Green 1 (BU9),
Almaden FC Mercury 2010 Green 2 (BU10),
Almaden FC Mercury 2010 Green 1 (BU10)
Gerardo Alvarez Murillo Arsenal (BU11),
Warriors 06 (BU14)
Gerardo M Alvarez MurilloPP Arsenal (BU11),
PP Arsenal (BU11)
Hyago Galdino Golden Touch Gunners 2009 (GU11),
Golden Touch Roma 2006 (BU14),
Golden Touch Roma Blue 2006 (GU14)
Isaias Berdales Golden Touch Bayern 2009 (BU11),
Golden Touch Arsenal 2006 (BU14)
Javier R Barboza One Touch Grey (BU14),
One Touch Red (BU18)
John Houston SC Sporting 10G White (GU10),
SC Sporting 10G Green (GU10)
Mark Christie San Jose Earthquakes 08B Blue (BU12),
San Jose Earthquakes 08B Black (BU13)
Rebecca Strong Sunnyvale Alliance 09A (GU11),
Sunnyvale Alliance 09B (GU11),
Sunnyvale Alliance 2008 (GU12),
Sunnyvale Alliance 2007 (GU13),
Sunnyvale Alliance 2006 (GU14)
Rob Stewart Almaden FC Quicksilver 2011 Green (GU9),
Almaden FC Quicksilver 2010 Green (GU10),
Almaden FC Quicksilver 2009 Green (GU11)
Stefan Winkel PSV San Jose II (BU12),
PP PSV San Jose I (BU12),
PSV San Jose IV (BU13),
PSV San Jose III (BU13)
TBDPP SJ Earthquakes 2009B (BU11),
SJ Earthquakes 2009B (BU11)
TravisPP NV United Tornadoes (BU12),
NV United Tornadoes (BU12)
jonathan l le PSG 09B-WHITE (BU11),

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